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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

12 Strand Solid Braid Climbing Rope From Bailey's

Bailey's offers a modest selection 12 strand solid braid climbing rope from the top manufacturers in the industry. 12-strand climbing rope was the first rope design to be manufactured specifically for the tree care industry, back in the 80's. Although several new designs of climbing rope have come along, it is still very popular with traditional climbers. 12 strand solid braid ropes tend to keep their shape under tension, and they have much less tendency to rotate under load like other braided lines. These ropes are commonly used in light rigging situations also. 12 strand solid braid ropes are nearly impossible to hand splice, so only a sewn splice can be used. We offer these ropes in several pre-cut hanks as well as bulk reels.

Tree Climbing Ropes (12-Strand)

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