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Fiberglass Pole Pruner & Saw Combination Sets from Bailey's

Fiberglass pole pruners and saws are a staple product for tree care and landscaping professionals when it comes to pruning. Fiberglass is lightweight, strong and relatively inexpensive as compared to other materials. Match that with a compound pruning head or pole saw head and blade, and you have a great combination. We offer a wide variety of fiberglass pole saw packages, from top manufacturers, so you can match the perfect kit to your application. Fiberglass pole pruner and saw packages are sold in several lengths, but shipping charges become very expensive when the length exceeds 6 feet, so the bulk of what we offer in packages is 6 feet or shorter (call if you are interested in longer lengths). Fiberglass poles come with a ferrule system that allows them to be connected, so they can easily be extended to longer lengths. We have listed all of the pole pruner and saw head combination packages by manufacturers below.

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Fiberglass Pole Pruner & Saw Combo Sets

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