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Bailey's arborist and tree care supplies

Tree Climbing Spikes from Bailey's

Tree climbing spikes go by several different names (tree climbers, climbing spurs, tree hooks, tree gaffs, etc), but they are all referencing the same product line. Bailey's offers a wide variety of options, from the most sought after manufacturers, along with several different options to fit your specific climbing conditions. Tree climbing spikes are designed to attach to your boots in order to help you dig in & maintain stability when climbing. They are commonly used on tree removal projects, and will often damage a trees cambium layer, so they are not recommended for general tree maintenance. Whether you are looking to replace an old set if spikes, or just getting started, Baileys has you covered. To see all of the tree climbing spikes we offer, select from the list of manufacturers below.

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Tree Climbing Spikes & Spurs

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