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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

Port-A-Wrap Lowering Devices From Bailey's

Port-A-Wrap friction lowering devices are legendary for their toughness and simplicity. Port-A-Wraps are primarily used for the controlled lowering of heavy branches and logs. The user simply wraps the rigging line around the Port-A-Wrap, applies friction to the rope, and controls the descent of the object. The more wraps taken, the more friction applied. A single person can easily control loads many times their own weight. Port-A-Wraps are anchored to the base of a tree using a whoopie, loopie or eye sling (usually sold separately). Port-A-Wraps have a large enough diameter to keep from destroying bull ropes like less expensive devices such as a figure 8 (or the nearest tree!). We have listed all the different Port-A-Wrap lowering devices we offer below.

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Portawrap Lowering Devices

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