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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

Chain Grinders from Bailey's

Bailey's has been selling chain grinders since the day we started back in 1975, so we know a thing or two about grinding chain. Chain grinders come in many different types and price ranges, so before you decide to sharpen your own chains, here are some basic things to consider before buying a chain grinder. Most chain grinders are simple to set up, but complicated to master. Saw chains come in several different type of cutter configurations, and each cutter requires a specific wheel or stone size, and needs to be sharpened at certain angles to cut properly. Chain grinders work well when you set them up to grind the same type chain over and over, but when you start switching chain types, they need to be adjusted accordingly. Some folks (with deep pockets) will buy a grinder for each chain type, just to keep from adjusting the grinder. Chain grinders rarely sharpen the cutter edge as well as a file, and can cook (or burn) the cutter if too much material is removed at once. Be sure to consider this if you are proficient at filing.

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Basic Chain Grinder Information

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