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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

Carbide Saw Chain From Bailey's

Professional burl cutters, fire departments and pulp mills have been buying carbide chain from Bailey's for over 30 years. Carbide chain is made by grinding a portion of standard saw chain away and silver soldering a solid chip of carbide back on. The carbide chip is then reshaped to match the original design. The result is a saw chain that can last exceptionally long in abrasive conditions. Carbide chain can be used for cutting in conditions that would quickly destroy a standard saw chain. Creosote treated poles, railroad ties, fire entry and demolition work, frozen logs, stump removals, sawing in sand impregnated bark are just a few examples. Cutting speed is significantly reduced when using this chain. Use a diamond grinding stone or wheel to sharpen. Carbide chain is usually much more expensive than standard saw chain, and there is no warranty on carbide chain. Carbide will break and chip if impacted by hard objects. Below is some basic chain cutter type information to help with your selection.

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Basic Carbide Cutter Type Information

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