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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

Semi-Chisel Saw Chain From Bailey's

Semi-chisel saw chain is one of the oldest chain designs around, but still one of the best. This saw chain has a rounded cutter profile, which cuts moderately fast, but it stays sharp much longer as compared to chisel chain, especially when cutting in abrasive conditions. If you are cutting wood with the potential of dirt or mud in the bark, this is your best choice. It will still dull when in contact with dirt, sand, rock and mud, but at a much slower rate, as compared to chisel chain. The rounded cutter design is also the easiest to sharpen with a file or chain grinder. We recommend this chain style for novice chainsaw users also, because it is much more forgiving when they accidently cut into the ground. We have listed all of our semi-chisel saw chain options below, including skiptooth (full skip) versions.

Semi-Chisel Chainsaw Chain (.404" x .063")

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