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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

Lucas Mill Portable Sawmills From Bailey's

Lucas Mill portable sawmills have been a big hit here in North America since their introduction back in 1996. Today, there are well over 15,000 Lucas Sawmills operating worldwide, with a great many of those still cutting logs today. These portable sawmills are designed for production milling of saw logs, both large and small, on a commercial scale. These sawmills are available in both circular swing blade or slabber versions. The swing blade models break down logs into accurate lumber, which is far quicker and easier than comparably priced bandsaw sawmills. They are also much cheaper to operate, as the carbide tipped saw blades don't require the constant maintenance that bandsaw blades need. The Lucas Mill slabbers are designed to cut large logs into slabs and tabletops for specialty woodworking projects. To see all of the Lucas Mill sawmill options, click on the links below.

The Lucas Family has fought hard to protect their quality product line and their business from international piracy.Watch this video on how Lucas Mill was able to stop a Chinese manufacturer from replicating their product.

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Lucas Mill Portable Sawmills

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