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Bailey's Chainsaw Chain

Diameter Tapes From Bailey's

Diameter tapes are standard gear for foresters and land owners. Diameter tapes have unique markings that allows you to easily measure the diameter of standing trees. Many diameter tapes have combination markings, which include standard measurements on one side, and diameter measurements on the other. Most diameter tapes have an powerful spring loaded rewind system that is used in conjuncture with holding nail. The holding nail is pressed into the bark of a tree to start measuring. When you are done measuring the tree, give the tape a slight tug, which usually removes the nail and rewinds the tape towards you. Several nail configurations exist, but the Bailey Nail is by far the most popular. Diameter tapes come in two common measurements, inches broken down by 8th, and inches broken down by 10th. Some diameter tapes also come in metric versions. We also carry a wide variety of diameter tape refills and replacement parts to keep your tapes in top shape. We have listed all of the diameter tapes we offer below.

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Diameter Tape Measures

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